GTA 5 Casino to open after several years

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So the rumour from Rockstar is that the casino found within East Vinewood, in GTA 5’s Los Santos City, is to finally open its doors several years after the launch of the game itself.

Up until now, all that could be seen was a sign saying “Opening Soon” outside of the building. But that is all set to change, and we’ve been to the site to check out the changes.

Over the coming weeks, there will be some minor changes to the exterior of the casino as it gets closer to being opened. The “Opening Soon” signs have been taken down, and large bins and construction signs placed outside.

Personally, I feel that this change has come about since Rockstar launched gambling within Red Dead Online recently. There obviously has to be some changes to in-game currency, to avoid previous incidents where players have been using the in-game Shark Cards to gamble and scam other players. But I think this will be one of GTA’s best online updates. More pictures to come as we get closer to launch date!

According to prolific dataminer TezFunz2, the casino will be a new business featured in the next major update. That update will likely hit early in July, though it could be as soon as the end of this month. Since the changes are already being teased in an official capacity, don’t be surprised if Rockstar offers some more concrete details soon.

Whenever the update lands, it looks like we can finally put the long wait for the casino to bed.

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