Gears 5 boss addresses microtransaction concern: “We’re learning as we go”

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The Coalition boss Rod Fergusson has addresses fan concern about microtransactions in Gears 5.

While Gears 5 is considered to be a superb game in gameplay terms, its progression system is miserly and its cosmetics overpriced. Here’s a snippet from Eurogamer’s Gears 5 review:

“There’s nothing in Gears 5’s first battle pass worth writing home about. The character skins are lifted from the campaign (desert Kait with sand goggles, for example). No-one notices your banner. In the heat of battle, no-one has the time to stop to gawk at a blood spray, some of which are truly bizarre (Sea of Thieves pirate ships, anyone?). Hardly anyone emotes. None of the executions float my boat. The final battle pass reward is a flashy Gnasher skin.”

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