Gears 5 fans really want to play as Carmine

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Gears 5 is a great game, despite some issues, but there’s one aspect that’s unequivocally a big let down: it doesn’t let you play as Carmine.

Gears 5 includes a handful of COG characters to play as in multiplayer, including Kait Diaz, Marcus Fenix and his son, JD. Where’s Carmine? That’s something Gears 5 players have been asking themselves since launch – and now there’s a community campaign to bring Gears’ helmet-loving COG into the fray.

If you’re unfamiliar, fan-favourite Carmine first popped up in the first Gears of War game in 2006. Private Anthony Carmine became an instant hit after he was unceremoniously killed off during the opening phase of the Lightmass Offensive. Since then the Carmine brothers have become a kind of Gears in-joke for their hapless near-death – and death – experiences, and the developers have had fun with it, too.

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