The big Xbox interview – Project Scarlett, cross-gen Halo Infinite and the lack of Fable

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Microsoft kicked off E3 in style today, with a memorable press conference that had Keanu Reeves and a car made out of Lego. Oh, and we finally got a few morsels of information on the next Xbox, codenamed Project Scarlett.

But while the corner was teased off Scarlett’s covers, nearly everything else about Microsoft’s next box remains under-wraps. We know it will launch Holiday 2020 with Halo Infinite – but we also now know Halo Infinite is a cross-gen game for Xbox One. What about the rest of Scarlett’s software line-up, like the long-awaited next Fable? And what does Scarlett having ‘four times the power of Xbox One X’ really mean?

I sat down with Matt Booty, Head of Microsoft Game Studios, to at least try and prise more information from him.

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